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Mod Squad

I’ve been obsessed with Mod Fashion since about  Summer of 1983 after we all saw the Who’s Film “Quadrophenia” at a Theatre on Commercial Drive. It was a double bill featuring “The Kids Are Alright” as well.

pic 1 Quadrophenia

We sat on the balcony, smoking and throwing popcorn. We also had dog-eared copies of Richard Barne’s Book “Mods!” to refer to for how to look the part.

pic 1a Mods!

I didn’t have a scooter yet, but it wouldn’t be long until that happened.

lambretta pic 2

As far as our clothing went, we tried to emulate what we saw in the film, and did our best at a few “secret” used and old stock shops in town, like Budget Clothes in New Westminster, or Berlin and Cabbages and Kinks in Gastown. I came late to the party so the good parkas, suits, and shirts were picked over and gone. I had to be happy with a Canadian Army Parka with a plasticky coating, not a Genuine American M51 parka.

pic 3 parka

My first suit was really just an old tuxedo that my mom narrowed the lapels on, and a pair of black jeans she narrowed the legs of. Fred Perry tops were impossible to find, I would get them whenever I went to London, England.

pic 4 Fred Perry

I guess the clothing stuck with me… Now it’s way easier to get any specific clothing desired. Nowadays, I get suits and shirts made by a visiting tailor from Thailand. Here’s my latest one – Italian Cashmere Summer Wool with a nice red shirt…

pic 5 suit

How times have changed….